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Welcome to www.holidaycroatia.nl

If you intend to spend your vacation in Croatia, in

the Zadar-region, you may want to consider

renting an apartment at



We are located in Turanj, at a 15 minute (car) distance from

the center of Zadar. Or Zadar Airport.

And 5 minutes (auto) from Biograd n / m.†


We speak fluently: Croatian, English, Dutch, German, French.

But we will help you, no matter what lanuage you speak.

Our contacts:


Jadranska Magistrala 16

23207 Turanj



Tel/Fax:†††††††††† 00385-(0)23-389127

Mobile:†††††††††††† 00385-(0)91-5298582

Mail:†††† †††††††††††† kulasbico@hotmail.com

Website:†††††††††† www.holidaycroatia.nl




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